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Access Statement

Below is our access statement, if you would like to, it is also available in PDF format for download.

You can download this by right clicking on the icon to the left and select ‘Save target as’ from the pop-up menu. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it is available free from Adobe – CLICK HERE to get Acrobat Reader.



Our self catering holiday home is a 3 bedroom semi-detached property.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible within this statement, however, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • We have a website which contains information on the local area, photographs of the property, booking information and other useful links.
  • Bookings/enquiries can be made via email or phone.
  • The nearest bus stop is 10 metres from the property.
  • The nearest train station (Alnmouth) is 6 miles away.

Arrival & Car parking facilities

  • There is a private driveway which will accommodate 3 cars comfortably.
  • Car parking is levelled block paving which is flat and even.
  • Guests will have access to the property from 3pm on the day of arrival (Friday) and are asked to vacate by 10am on day of departure.


  • The property is accessed via pvc door from the driveway.
  • The door is 28″ wide (clearance) with one 4″ step + ½” pvc thresh.
  • There are no grab rails in place at the access point.
  • Access leads to kitchen/dining room.

Kitchen/dining room

  • Large open plan kitchen.
  • Evenly lit kitchen with spotlights in both ceiling and above work surfaces.
  • Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces.
  • Treated wooden floors throughout.
  • Bench heights 36″.
  • Light switches 45″ from floor.
  • Dining table with 6 chairs, each 20″ in height compressed.
  • Doorway (1) (28“) leads to hallway (1), leading to downstairs bedroom, bathroom and reception room. Hallway (1) has slate flooring.
  • Doorway (2) (30″) leads to hallway (2), leading to porch, staircase and reception room. Hallway (2) is carpeted throughout.
  • Access to patio through double doors (28″ single opened & 47″ double opened) via 9 ½” step.
  • Gas range cooker in place with black granite worktops.
  • American style fridge/freezer and microwave available.

Downstairs bathroom

  • Accessed from hallway (1).
  • 30″ doorway.
  • Shower cubicle with 5″ thresh
  • Toilet 17″.
  • Light switch 45″ from floor.
  • Slate floor throughout.

Downstairs bedroom

  • Accessed via hallway (1).
  • Consists of double bed – height 20″ compressed – wardrobe and bedside tables x 2.
  • Doorway 29″.
  • Carpeted throughout.
  • Light switch 45″ from the floor.

Downstairs reception room

  • Accessed from hallway (1) & (2).
  • 30″ doorway from hallway (1) & 26″ from hallway (2).
  • 3 seated sofa and 2 seated sofa – height 16″ compressed.
  • Carpeted throughout.
  • Leading to sun room with 2 lounge chairs – height 14″ compressed.

Hallway (2)

  • Leads to staircase, downstairs reception room and rear access (via porch).#
  • Carpeted throughout.
  • Light 45″ from the floor.

Rear access – from hallway (2)

  • Two internal ½” steps (carpeted), into porch via doorway of 28″.
  • Access to garden from porch via 2″ step + ½” pvc thresh. Doorway 28″.
  • Further 2 x 6″ concrete steps with unilateral rail, right side descending to patio.


  • Moderately sized garden from patio (grassed).  Fenced from cliff face for safety.


  • 11 x 7″ steps to landing (1) with unilateral banister right side ascending.
  • From landing (1), right turn to access upstairs reception room via 3 x 7″ steps and door with 31″ width. No banister in-situ for these three steps.
  • From landing (1), left turn to access bedrooms x2 & upstairs bathroom via 3 x steps of 7″ with banister left side ascending.
  • Staircase and landings carpeted throughout.

Upstairs reception room


  • Treated wooden floor throughout.
  • Consists of 2 x armchairs and three seated sofa all 14″ compressed.
  • Light switches 45″ from the floor.
  • 3 east facing windows opened by handles 36″ from the floor.
  • Access to balcony through doorway 36″ in width via 2″ internal step, 7″ external thresh and 5″ external step.

Upstairs bathroom

  • Doorway 26″.
  • Light 45″ from floor.
  • Tiled flooring throughout.
  • Consists of corner Jacuzzi bath (23″ – unsuitable for assistive bathing equipment), shower cubicle (3″ thresh) toilet (17″) and sink.

Master bedroom

  • Doorway 24″.
  • Carpeted throughout.
  • Comprises double bed 18″ compressed, wardrobe and bedside tables.
  • Leading to en-suite via door 24″ in width.


  • Consists shower cubicle with 5″ thresh, toilet (17″) and sink.

Twin bedroom

  • Door width 27″.
  • Light 45″ from the floor.
  • Consists 2 x single beds both 21″ compressed, wardrobe and bedside tables.
  • Carpeted throughout.

Additional information

  • No mobile phone signal is available within the village.
  • Information on the local area and points of interest is provided in the property (inc. local menus, bus services and shopping facilities).
  • No animals are allowed within the property.
  • Tourist information and public toilets are situated within the village.


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